Saturday, 18 May 2013

Happy Teacher's Day at Mr Mazelan's House :D


Feww.. Today.. we're having some feast at Mr Mazelan's house.. our lecturer for EDU subject..he's very generous to treat us with delicious chicken rice.. yum3..  but thing that matters most here is his kindness treating his starving students. lol 

His house at Tanah Merah.. it takes about 1 hour journey for us to reach at the destination but because this is our first time going to his house.. we've gone astray from the right path. haha so it take another half an hour for us to reach there. 

Upon arriving , my classmate obviously get did me. :) What a lovely family he have. Nothing much there, just eat, and eat, and eat and chit chatting, and eat again. hee

We're start our journey back to Ipg at 3 something. If i not mistaken. I haven't got any pictures to displays here.. but I'll surely ask from Afiq and update it later.

The values that I gain is that... journey that we've took make me realized something and amazed with our lecturers who stay quite far from Ipg. Going to work at dawn , and come back at dusk. Daily. Not to mention those awesome educators who teach at Sabah & Sarawak, remote areas, those who teach indigenous people.. like at SK Balar.. i've been there during 1st semester if I not mistaken.. the journey we have to take from Gua Musang's town to that school  takes about 3 hours in 4 wheel drive.. I had a bad headache along the journey due to poor road condition that we had to take. Thinking that those teachers who had to face this kind of hardship for years really sank my heart.. they really do have a big heart. Sincere educators who're very determined to educate the nations. As a future teacher.. I don't know if I can be tough like them.. sigh~

Teacher is the engineer of human's soul.. their profession are lot more risky than the doctors.. When the doctor is wrong, he may killed one patient, but teachers, if he's wrong he'd killed the whole nation.

p/s:  Happy teacher's day to my teachers that teach me from pre-school, primary school, secondary school, and now Ipg lect and most special thanks to my full time teacher, mom and dad.. all of them is the reasons for who I am now. I can't never repay back the good deeds that they gave me. It is priceless...  I heart u olls berry beery much. <3 <3 <3 and lets not forget our greatest Murobbi.. Rasulullah s.a.w, may peace be upon Him... Allah humma salli 'ala Muhammad, wa 'ala Ali Sayyidina Muhammad 

Till then, sayonara, adious, Wsalam. 

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