Friday, 1 April 2011

Beauty Lies In The Eyes of The Beholder

I'm sure most of us are very familiar with this simple yet deep in meaning quote ..right? emm.. in Malay definition " kecantikan ialah bagaimana mata mereka yang memandang, mentafsirnya''  

It means each of us have different views about things,  not only about beauty.. it may be car, bag, clothes.. yada..yada yada.. no need to go much further.. just ask only 3 different men about how they would rate the beauty of a woman, then u would hear 3 different ratings and opinion from those men... One would say ''She is Gorgeous" another might say " She is too fat" or "her eyes is too round" erkk?...  see the different answer here..?  sort of like "one man's trash is another man's treasure... "

When we talk about beauty.. everyone was trying to give the best definition about it.. actually there's no right or wrong answer.. beauty is subjective.. it have lots of meaning with just 1 short simple word... 

A girl is beautiful for a guy cause he love her, that's why she seems to him the most gorgeous creature in the world. At the same time, some people may notice her as normal or even not pretty at all.. so it's not that she's really pretty - he's the one that thinks like that. 

But the truth is we do not love somebody because she/he is beautiful.. but, somebody is beautiful for us because we love him/her...  :)

Pondering why out of sudden I'm writing about this clich√© fact? emmm... it just that this thing keep lingering around my brain trying to find the way out ... ok it's already find the exit door so I don't need to keep pondering again and again.. happy now... ^^ Who ever thinks that he's my dearest one? put up your hand.. I just wanna say that this entry is for you.. we always face this kind of situation right? so the answer is here.. got it or not? XD 

p/s: U always have my heart with u.. =) 


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