Sunday, 13 November 2011

What's Gotten into me?


Just about 5 seconds ago I'm reading my English Studies notes and demm, I can't focus at all when my cute laptop keep waving..~~ calling..~~ for me.., asking me to dance my soft fluffy fuzzy supple fingers onto the keyboards, ( I'm exaggerating about the fingers :P)

Laptop said "come here cute girl... i miss you.."
( act. my laptop isn't this pink. lol.. )

not knowing what to write i keep pushing myself to think, but the lamp won't light. demm.
it won't light =(

i ended up with various ideas, but less information , have you ever encounter with this problem ? if you did,  do tell me, i wanna ask how do you solve it. ( although i know i just need to do some research)

this is me when doing some research

and fyi, i'm having two more papers for my final examination on this Monday and Tuesday... and still, i can't focus and and and.. pfffff

Only 1 day left, and  i read nothing ( nervous )

I just can't get it, why all of a sudden my spirit for blogging blowing just like bottles of oil been thrown into fire. (lame words )

someone needs to slap me  before  i screw up the exam!

and again fyi, i'm doing the same things last semester when facing my mock exam. ( blogging on the exam night instead of studying)

my friend up here is so nice ( he's waking me up  )

what's gotten into me???? a big question for that!

and now i'm babbling alone, hoping for someone to read this so called confession. urgh.

i'm doing my confession here, don't mess it up.~!

and again, now i'm focusing on my Avatar session 2 as it one of the subject of the exam. i'm addicted to it. omG.

 i can't help it... he's too cute to be ignore

dear blog.... why do you keep attracting and seducing  me? i'm trying to focus on my studying here..

ya right! ''studying''  = study + dying

ok. final words i mean word.. ------> Salam.

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Inspector Saahab said...

same case here. lol

Myss Irah said...

i thought u're someone with pak cik's title.. Rofl

iszieylyanziy said...

goodluck dear :)

Myss Irah said...

aww..sweetnyew.. thanks kak..! ^^,

aReLaN said...

skolah lg ke???gudlark!!!

irah said...

arelan : a'ah.. kite budak sekolah lagi.. XD