Sunday, 8 April 2012

Our Language Camp 2012


Alhamdulillah, we've done with our English Language Camp that held for 3 days and 2 night at Agro Resort Setiu. We went there with our seniors and juniors not much not less. what i wanna highlight here is the accommodation we had there. It was great and I just love the bountiful scenery and fresh air at that resort. Well at least instead for having camp activities, we're also enjoying and relaxing ourself from tiring week with the scenery and fresh air.  Escaping and relaxing from the busy week of assignment. hohoho! 

What else? emm from all the activities that had been held, i enjoyed the amazing race the most. dunno why..maybe because we're the winner of that game? muahaha.. even my dear Husna, the asthma sufferer,  running here and there to compete in the game, so i came to conclusion that my group members cooperation is the BEST! 

Overall, all the activities held is good and able to helps us boost up the usage of English in communication . btw this is not academic reflection and i talk no more about the activities.. :P

Actually the reasons i write this entry is to give my personal opinion about  this resort which I feels like wanna go there again someday. Maybe with my family or.. my hubby ? hehehe... I have to get a hubby first then both of us can spend time there swimming, kayaking, flying foxing.. ( ok, rubbish :P )

oh. we're doing some photoshoot there  , not much of my pic but still  I love the moment. emm I gotcha video on our activities, just for memories... 

There's one more thing ! my group become the overall winner for this came.. well Knight's group always the best.. Lol!

We Will Bring Glory to The Kingdom! 
Demm! opps typo. its --->Them!
The small island at the center of lake shaped
 like a heart :O
The looks of traditional and reserved. :D
Us. Me, at the center of crowd, holding the  hamper :3
The lecturers & committee members,
credit to them for the efforts and hard work.  :)

that's all i think. if i wanna add something more  then i'll just get this entry updated.. :D
gotto go. see u again soon. :D adios Salam.

this is my little pet called chingy :D

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Aku takde, kalu aku ade..akulah johan..hahahaha..

Miss Irah said...

ikram : weh ko lupe ker LC 2011 ko segroup ngan aku,group kite jd pmenang keseluruhan jgk... hohoho