Tuesday, 25 September 2012

Me as a Drop shipper


I'm currently burning the midnight oil with something really - really unimportant.. here am i tapping the motherboard keyboard eventhough I don't know what I actually wanna write... 

Ok guys.. recently, I've been doing some online business.. selling the Muslimah's stuff.. like clothing, and hijab.. but mostly in Muslimah's clothing.. At first I didn't plan to do this online shopping and selling thingy as I have NO exposure at all.. At first I just thinking about my life and studies and etc.. and suddenly out of nowhere the pop out box come out in my mind with the statement : 

" I've always spend the money, but I've never earned it, the study allowances was credited once in 6 month , but it's being withdrew once a week by me, the spendthrift " 

Realizing  the fact that i'm a money waster......  (T_T  ")   I'd plan to change..... 

To become someone who use money wisely.... spend money accordingly.. didn't waste the money on unnecessary stuff.... yada yada yada.... 

and wait..~! Don't tell me u believe with all dicapati promises above ↑  ? poor you...lol..

How in the world a hardcore spender* like me can change in a blink of eye.. impossibru... 

foot note : spender refer to someone who spend money tremendously.. uncontrolled..not related to any brand of lingerie or whatsoever.. >< 

Because of that.. I actually plan to generate my own income..☻.. and for that, i encourage me self to stick to that so called determination... and starts to find some work hole.. ( lubang kerja :P) for student.. I've goggled here and there till finally I found one discussion in a chat room and most of the comments mention about drop shipper.. at that time.. I was like... what the heck is that......? ! 

Then I craving to know more... searching, reading, planting, seeding then..... come to one conclusion... I want to do this~!!! I want to be a drop shipper..as the terms and regulation is simple.. I need no fund or stock or whatsoever to sell the items.. I just need to promote and sell the items for the suppliers and get the commission from that.. the more I sell the more I get.. plus I can do the works while online in my rooms.. sounds interesting.. hehe

Then I hunt for the supplier that wanna hired me as drop shipper..easy peasy lemon squeezy... I found lots of supplier.. and in my heart I was like.. kunonyer diri ini.. because this particular jobs had been well spread like few years before and I just realize it in 2012.. =.=  
After choose a few of supplier that need not of fees, I registered myself.. at this very times.. i praise myself for being so............. independent.. haha... 

I felt rejoice just for that few minutes until.... I read the rules of the drop shipper from supplier.. as I have no idea what I should be doing, and I'm kinda lack of guidance and NO experience at all.. all the rules that I read becomes so fuzzy and cloudy.... I know nothing and no one care to teach me.. sounds very pathetic.. right?   (T_________T    ")

Plus there're none of my friends or colleagues that involved in this online shopping and selling business..and I have no one to ask... so there's no ''beginner's luck'' sentence for me.. 

Things becomes worse when I realize that it is not easy as i thought to find a customer.. at that time I labelled my customer as fussy , choosey bla bla bla... because, it makes me annoyed when they ask so many things but then left without trace.. they had no idea how hard I have to forward their question to the supplier and waiting like a pungguk rindukan bulan.. 

Everything seems so difficult and I almost lost hope.. until..... I got one serious buyers.. my feeling likes flying in the spacious skies..so bright like spring...and blooming and glowing and thanks to my literature teacher for teaching me hyperbole..

Take that as a new turning point in boosting my spirit... I continued advertising my page in groups, in page and etc.. ads here and there... see the commitment ? Good.... until now it is been 2 months for me becoming a drop shipper.. my page still need an improvement... lot of improvement.. and I think my perception that the customers become so fussy and all is wrong.. because it is their right to ask.. their right to make a good choice.. forgive me dear customer.. I'm new leaf in this field and I know nothing at that time.. If I become a customer, i'll also do the same.. 

For this new experience and all, I want to be consistent in doing this works.. it's not because of money now.. it is because I start to fell in love with this business.. before this, I've already fond in selling thingy because I've once helps my grandmum at her groceries.. but now I fell in love in online business eventhough it is not easy as I thought before...

I've even imagine to open my own boutiques in future.. lol.. It's not wrong to have a dream right ? hehe it is not impossible if you put this two ingredient.. courage and patient... Now I'm building my own courage and patient like a Lego games.. brick by brick.... pray me success..  :')   <----- ( out of sudden tears.. ) 

Don't worry I'm not crying.. I'm just creating the mood here... :p

For those who reads this.. and wanna try out to become a dropshipper, do pm me... my ym : miszs_irah@yaho.com and FB : Miszs Irah Cute :p ( Allow me to frame myself hehe)

I'll try to help you eventhough I didn't know much.. all I get is from my own experiences and my own try an error in life.. plus I want to help people as I knew how much hard it is to have no one to guide. Don't worry I charge U nothing... just the bless from Allah that I seeks.. 

Ok now it is way too late... I need to get a sleep for tomorrow class.. remember guys.. for those who still hold a student's status like me, don't forget the actual reasons.. STUDYING ( study + dying ) 

All this online business is part-time and recommendable to do it in your leisure time not your sleep time like me. =.= 

and eemmm... if you sudi-sudi wanna visit my page , please do so.. click -->  Muslimah's Closet and don't forget to push the like button..hehe..so.. that would be all for this entry.. see u again guys.... for Muslim wish u  success dunia akhirat. Amin. Wasalam

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