Sunday, 8 January 2012

New Seasons , New Looks?


This is my 1st entry in 2012, no entry about new year and what's my new hope for this seasons because kinda late for it i think. But surely my last holiday was the most profitable, beneficially holiday for me. Lol. and to my surprise, I did something new in my life that i never imagine i would did it. nothing possible and i wish to keep it secret from public.  private property :P

Leaving my beloved blog for a month and i feel like awkward feeling to write again, and all of my idea run away from me, i can't even think for my FB status like i used too before! ( FB STATUS - sounds important =,=' )

nothing more to write, I keeps feeling unsatisfied with my entry and with a little of braveness i publish this entry eventhough i know no one would ever want to give a glance at it.

fullstop. bye. bye. Wslm.


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iszieylyanziy said...

hakhak,,da lama x menulis ttb nk menulis entry mmg cam plik,,hehe