Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Things that makes me annoyed when 'blog walking'


Firstly , now is exam mode and I don't know what is my reasons bullshitting  writing here. Tomorrow got my Language Description exam and since u guys insist to know what LDes all about , I guess I have to tell :P..  LDes is actually subject for grammar, learning grammar, answering grammar ques yada yada yada... trust me it sucks at the beginning but if you love it then it's ok.. ( i think)

Despite of revising and studying . me blog walking. lol. and below are the  stuffs that annoyed me like seriously when i'm 'blog walking'

  • When I opened so many new tabs at once and a pop out box suddenly appear out of nowhere and said ' aaii amat atang ke blog ite.. angan upe polo ite okeyh..! '' --,-- 

  •  When there's instruction like " click here to enter my blog " ( it spoils my mood like seriously )
  • Then, when there's song with max volume.. and when I want to stop it I can't find any pause or stop button!
where is it ? !!!
  • Too much widget . It distracting my sight.. :P
  • Too much glittering for blog background.  ( I can't help it when my eyes flooding when look at it)

  • Heavy loaded blog. ( it ruins my spirit.. lol btw~  do inform me if my blog do the same. :p
  • STOP reading. thats all.

foot note : Above complaints comes from experience and my own opinion, if it makes somebody's life miserable .. awfully sorry from me. (  everyone got rite to speak out voices aite.. ? ) bye. adios. Salam.

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teratak hati said...

huhu..mmg gangguan semua tu lagi2 tgh line slow cm skrg sy x de semua tu,tapi x pasti la lambat loading ke tak...

Myss Irah said...

teratak hati : couldn't agree more.. (;

Inspector Saahab said...

verily agree with you miss

hope mine is excluded. so come on have a great time blogwalking at my site :P