Thursday, 20 October 2011

Dear Smokers, U have the right to know!


MI wanna share something with my beloved readers (if u are exist) , esp with smokers. Hey dude u have the right to know this, u really got to know...  how could they keep it secret, u have the rightness to check out the real deal in a cigarette sticks. ( am i kind enuff ? @_@ )

ok, lets begin......!

Dear smokers, when u support your habit with a stick at 50 sen and you'll also kindly support :

  •  24 sen to tobacco tax
  • 14 sen to profit for cigarette manufacturers
  • 5 sen to profit for cigarette sellers
  • 1 sen to profit the wholesaler / distributors
  • 1 sen to profit for tobacco planters 

SO, the actual price of a stick is 5 sen! ( HOW COULD THEM CHEAT U!)

But wait...! Each stick comes with free gifts too:

  • Expose your lungs to the risks of cancer by 20 times
  • Subject your lungs to the risks of chronic diseases by 10 times
  • Multiply your risk of developing clogged arteries by 10 times
  • Heighten your risk of suffering a heart attack by 4 times
  • Double your risk of stroke
  • Endanger your life by 50% (only)
and most importantly, with every puff you enjoy you earns bonus points to risk the lives of your loved ones too! Now you know what's a smoking good deal, satisfied? Good Then. :D

FootNote : Quit Before it's too late! ( Seriously , i was too scared to put the picture of diseases cause by smoking, it's freaking me out! )
source: NST, 15th Sept 11. 

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