Sunday, 20 March 2016

Unemployed degree holder

Well, hello there!

My last post was last year on Feb 2015. What an achievement!

I tell u what, I am certainly not a consistent blogger. U know why, because a consistent blogger would update their blog maybe on daily basis, if it's too consistent then at least, once a week, or fortnight, certainly not a year! Lol. ( Well I'm typing LOL which means laugh out loud but I didn't really do that since it's 4am now and it's kinda crazy things to do at the moment)

Since I left sooo many things without updates for a year, I bet it's gonna be sleepless night for me if I were to tell all the things that happens to me, up until this time.

Highlighted things would be,

I'm officially graduated from IPG Kampus Sultan Mizan,
I'm still single.. puff

After 5 years and a half of study, I'm unemployed..  tough life aight?

There's some issues happen in the government that forbid me and other 80% of my colleagues from getting a placement in school. Why 80%? Because the others like Sarawakian and those with SJKC tagging already being posted. Alhamdulillah for them, and InsyaAllah for the rest of us.

So folks, listen up! we're didn't get a placement yet,  not because we're stupid or low achiever graduates, but there's some issues only God knows what, with you know who, that makes the employment for the civil servants been freeze...... till only God knows when. Satisfied with the answers?

If not then, that's how I felt when we're not getting the right information for the placement even when we're already asked the right channel, in a right way. The answers that we're getting was like a blanket statement that could applied to literally anything. Scripted.

So if you're wondering whether I'm okay or not with that, I would say, OF COURSE NOT. It's me here, being pissed.

That would rebut some statement from the Mr/Mrs Know It All , saying that we're unemployed because we failed in exams, we got enough enough eat pointer, yada yada. This happen to me you know, right in front of my nose, he said that, his acquaintance already got a placement in school, because he got flying colour results. and I was like, ' did he really need to point out the flying colours result'? so he's trying to say that I'm not getting a placement yet because of my results is not flying high enough? come on man.. u hurt me feelings. I just smiled at him and look away. It's no use explaining to the full cup person. Right?

So to support my living expenses right now, I'm applied for jobs that doesn't need any specific skills or professional certs. I already got one before, then I resign, lol.. that would be issued in the next post, maybe next year?

So for this one, let's wrap it out now, alright?

Btw tomorrow I'm planning to attend the talk about public speaking, the program named 'How to speak like Obama? " catchy enough right.. that's why I'm eager to join. At least, I'm not letting myself getting rusty with unemployment.

So peeps, bye-bye. See u again.

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