Saturday, 22 November 2014

It's holiday again - 2014


Finally it's the end of semester holiday again end of 2014. We 're going to step up on 2015 soon. 1 year left for me.. huh..can't wait though. My mood for writing rise up like a morning sunshine. I got few to-do list that I intend to finish up during this holiday. How far can it go.. no one knows. Not even me. nah..

....being back here make me read few post that i wrote before and few piece of it shows my immature thinking so well. urgh.. that's me back then... somehow I refuse to delete it.. that's the old version of me that will remind me how i used to be before. Smart moves.. ain't it?

Em.. for the kick start.. I guess i'll begin with the movie marathon all over again. Harry Potter collection 1st!

Bye! Adios. Assalamualaikum.

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