Sunday, 15 September 2013

Life isn't just about you.

Bismillah.. hye guys.. here am I, after a decade vanishing from this 'bloggy world' make a come back which no one even notice. People didn't even notice of my disappearance, and I expect different thing for this comeback ? Come on... -> myself..

Life isn't just about you.. yeah that's the introduction all about.. you think you're so important that people should celebrate you all the time, appreciate your present, fell sad when you're not there, can't live a normal and happy life when you're away from them... if that's what you've been thinking.. come here let me slap u in the face.. I've did it to myself and surprisingly it works!

I don't know the exact total but I think most us live in this kind of world.. thinking that you're mr/mrs special to everyone around you.. but the fact that people don't even care.. if you're present means you can join the talk.. if you're absence then, don't you even dare to think that people would report all the things that they felt to u.. u're not Mr/Mrs know it all.. knock it.

Life is about people around you.. instead of hoping people to celebrate you all the time, why don't you make a first move and see if you can stand the burden.. u have to give love for you to get love.. means that, if you want people to love you, you're the one should gave them the 'love' first. Man la yarham, la yurham.. aite?

Don't get me wrong readers.. I'm also being like that once in a blue moon.. but then I realized life isn't just about you, yourself.. it isn't just about what you're wearing to dinner night , what wedges that suit the dress most, what colour suit you best, what courses you're taking in university.. what food that u eat,life is about being concern towards others who're in need.. who need our help..badly.. our brothers and sisters in Egypt, Syria, Palestine, Rohingya, and many other places which is not stated here.. for at least gave them our prayers for their prosperity in their homeland...

I'm not act out like 'ms concern world - wide ' or something like that.. but the fact is..being concern to the muslim brothers and sisters, is a MUST.. COMPULSORY..  it's every Muslims responsibility..

p/s : Writer's block .

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