Monday, 22 April 2013

Compress Life Journal for 3 Month


Alhamdulillah, dapat jugak kesempatan nak conteng-conteng blog.. its been a while aku biarkan blog ini sepi tanpa berita.. lol

Now it's already April! rasa macam kejap sangat.. my last post is about Chinese New Year which means that I've left this page idle for about 3 month. -.- 

Throughout this few months.. lot's of things happens.. tapi nothing super special.. just a few things that normal people faced in their life.. 1st my birthday on 14th  of March .. nothing special except for the nice gift I got from someone.. ^^" 

Then I had my SBE for a week at Johor... and that SBE moment was something I don't really want to remember much.. it sucks. I didn't really like that particular school except for the students and a few nice teachers.. emm... actually there's something that impress me.. the students.. esp those whose going to school by chartered van... they wake up at 5 or 5.30 am to get prepared going to school.. kids.. 7 years old.. wake up at such an early hour for school really amazed me.. because I didn't experience that in my school days.. they start going to school at 5.50 am , or 6 am if i'm not mistaken.. because the van's driver had to repeat the trip from student's house to school a few times before the school hour starts at 7.15 am.. they're really determined kids.. thirst for knowledge..  Because of them.. I take the reminder and stuck it in my stubborn head.. they are kids but they already able to do this.. compared to me which already in my twenties.. still struggling to wake up going to class.. Snap!

Then I spent my mid sem holiday in Johor.. going here and there.. something that I rarely do if I'm at home.. because at home I got no one to accompany me!

Then... I went back from Johor on Friday and on Saturday noon straight away went back to my "beloved" IPG... and this comeback is something that really grasp my chest and mind.. cuz there're ton of assignments and tasks on my shoulder.. and so did my friends.  I'm striving in that busy weeks until now.... 22nd of April..  Alhamdulillah... I'm alive! 

But I still got a few undone tasks.. but it doesn't worry me much as  it is before.. opps few more things left.. on 17-19 April we've had our Language Camp at the same venue as last year.. Peladang Agro Resort Setiu.. emm not much for me to comment..and I don't feel like commenting.. before I'm going to Language Camp , I stole a little bit of my busy time and got out to find present to Mr H because his birthday was on that 18th April.. during Language Camp... and I had no time to courier it earlier.. nevermind.. as long as he get it..not much from me.. 

My exam starts on 13th Mei, continued on 14th, 15th and last paper on  20th of Mei.. then I'm free for 3 weeks! can't wait! Pray the best for me in life and hereafter dear readers... then I wish the same things goes back to you no matter what you're praying for me.. ehe.. 

Before I finish this.. nah! special quote for you.. for reading my written version nagging..

Till then guys.... love you. sarangae. chan rak ter. Wsalam. 

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